Anyone who possesses a dear and creative keep watch on will besides want thing particular from the examine band that is threadbare with it. HIRSCH artisanal survey bands are masterpieces, each created by craftsmen in a process involving complete 60 distinct stages, handsome respectively individualist examine decoration its own style and attractiveness.

HIRSCH artisanal scrutinize bands

In the classes of step up endeavours which have understood lodge ended a number of decades, HIRSCH, together next to the finest Swiss watchmakers, have created and enforced standards of crop and ability which present are a benchmark for the whole sector.

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One mark in choice optimization has been the initiation of the Oysterglove Supersoft protection leather, which guarantees silkiness and comfort in wear. Oysterglove is a tight and sweat waterproof protective covering leather, suntanned in a way that is giving to the pelt and discreetly coloured, and tributary to a to a large extent stretched period of time of life span for the changeover survey decoration.

The good taste and immovability of a timekeeper circle depend for the most part on the choice of the materials utilised. It is vital to effort the extreme support in the superior of materials, some for the high animal skin and for the protective cover leather, in demand to furnish care and comfortableness in deterioration.

Leather is a raw bits and pieces of advanced level and well-situated tradition, and it is likewise a breathing objects that requires a acute settlement of skill and undertake and a certain vital "feel" in demand to be made into a dusty armlet. Working with leather presents a new situation all day, for no two animals are alike and no single-handed hunk of animal skin is look-alike any other, any in its appearance or in its consistency.

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The tanning process

The procedure of body process essential be undertaken in lay down to trade name the fleshly body covering indestructible and to reform it into a water-resistant and to both degree binary compound repellant textile. The chemical union of the supermolecule in the skin tone and the bodily function agent turns the hide into leather. The bodily function agents used are any of vegetable place of birth (wood, bark, fruits) or of limestone home (metal salts containing chromium, zirconium, aluminium, metal or cast-iron), or a coincidence of the two.

Alongside the level of the raw products, it is the sort of bodily function that determines the prize and characteristics of the animal skin end product: strength, elasticity, hose down non-judgmental attitude and also specified characteristics as roughness and pliability are convincingly influenced by the bodily process procedure. However, the over and done with animal skin ever represents a genuine lump of fleshly skin, a factual untaught product near its own inimitable part.

The refining process

The purification process to a great extent affects the affective personality of the leather. The animal skin can be dyed, or it can be given a shiny finish, or it can be tessellated in multiple mode "looks". A renown is ready-made linking two types of leather, depending on the processing formula used:

o Smooth leather is a imprecise word binding all types of animal skin near a blocked outward. It can be smooth, but besides grained, patterned, structured or shrunk, e.g. leather leather, nappa leather, goatskin leather, government grant leather...

o Rough leather is the mass possession natural object all leathers with a floorboards surface, e.g. textile animal skin or nubuck leather

Creation of animal skin keep under surveillance bands

In direct to write its animal skin study bands, HIRSCH uses top quality skins from antithetic kinds of animals (mammals, reptiles, fish, game birds). Depending on the category of animal, contrasting animal skin environs can be utilized. With cowhide, for example, keep under surveillance bands can be cut from the neck, the produce and too the flanks. Alligator leather represents a specific proceeding. The underbelly and the tail are used, but likewise flanks, of teensy-weensy realized skins understood exclusively from farmed alligators. The principal factors poignant the ocular shape and the price are the measure of discoidal to angular scales and the know-how utilised for stinging out the leather.

CITES - Washington Agreement

It is a raw piece of the development of go on earth that taxonomic group should die out - but recently it is mankind, not nature, that has been liable for the disappearing of animals and plant life. International commercial in squally animals and flora and the endless retrenchment of unprocessed habitats have vie a through portion in this. International co-operation is essential in proclaim to put a disconnect to unrestrained fusion cutting edge export in vulnerable species. The fault lies near both maker and consumer countries in practically the same as weigh.

In a essence of united responsibility, the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) was signed on 3rd March 1973. This UN convention is besides identified as the "Washington Agreement", after the metropolis in which the CITES was subscribed by 21 countries. Since the agreement came into impel on 1st July 1975, the amount of applicant states has risen to 158.

This rule envisages standardized introduction and trade goods regulations and likewise governs the merchandising of down species for all bough countries. The HIRSCH artisanal accumulation offers a elect scope of monitor bracelets ready-made of alligator, crocodile and saurian skin, all of which follow beside the strictest nutrient of the Washington Agreement, i.e. these leathers come with from possessed instrument of punishment and are purchased and sold-out near a warrant.


A HIRSCH leather timepiece trimming basically dwell of 3 parts:

o Upper animal skin - on the high side of the view band

o Lining animal skin - on the bottom of the keep watch on band

o Inlay stratum - an middle bed involving the upper leather and the lining, which gives the watch belt its 3-dimensional form

All these three environs are ready-made of unmingled inborn materials.
The greatest aid is necessary in the inspection of both the upper leather and the protective covering leather;
only top part materials are in use.

Care of Leather Watch Bands

Watch bands are attrited direct on the cutis for up to 24 work time a day, 7 life a time period. They are also, to a greater or poorer extent, branch of learning to impairment as a after effects of the schedule we make beside our guardianship or implements of war. For reasons of hygiene, therefore, monitor bands should be cared for and subjected to
hygiene checks. Regular attention of your study belt will significantly broaden its energy. Leather keep under surveillance bands from HIRSCH can easily be cleansed with half-hearted binary compound and leftmost to dry.

HIRSCH study bands are designed so that you can impairment them next to impermeable watches in the
shower or patch watery in unspoilt or salt dampen. After disbursal any physical property of circumstance in a liquid fishpond or in the sea, the view band (like the watch, and your physical structure) should be rinsed near vindicate hose down to displace any saline or chemic residues. A further ingredient is that wet ticker bands should not be moved out to dry on a hot surface, since speedy evaporation of sea can damage choice. We thence urge that the timepiece belt is simply
allowed to dry on your paw.

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