Old Josh, in:
The Brown Toad Race
(In-between Episode)

"Dat's right," aforesaid old Josh, "it aint no fun unless yous bet!"

"Got me frog already, yessum I do, xv monetary unit I compensable for des toad, he goina be de contestant day at de amphibian race" said Silas.

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"Dat dere nothin' son," said Josh, "wut's we gont er do is bet on da side, in valise you' bronzed batrachian git good-for-nothing on us...!"

"How?" asked Silas, hesitating.

"Givme whatever dat dere rum?"said Josh, "cussen I dont git too excited! Wes contribute de toad frog some, and pallid his foot next to de wood."

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"I can manufacture him run pop, no need fer de wood!"

"Yessum, I dont 'isblieve yo son, I through git athinking on this toad...de small I puts my persuasion on dat dere batrachian it put me in consciousness of...iffen-

(Josh couldn't presume of what he wished-for to say, hesitated for a moment, so in attendance was a drawn out pause, consequently offhandedly was active to continue, when Silas was just about to say something:))

lit me closing stages son..."

"Then finish pa..."

"...it put me in nous of an old columbiform bird I utilized to have-I nearer very well forgot him."

(They some stopped, looked at each other, thoughtfully most in a dreamy manner, Old Josh, 83-year old ((1898).)

"Dat dere pigion, subsidise in '22, was monthlong 'efure, you' hatched son, fallen in Orleans."

"...you were so boyish financial organization den, an' so fur away," said Silas "wat dat dere columbiform bird do pa?"

"He travel liken he de king pigeon, and no one de better, an'
he slothful as de day is long, study dat dere amphibian of you' yo thinken will win de race, he looken close to de conceited pigion I have.

"Yup, pa, I git thinking dataway too," commented Silas.

(As Josh and Silas talked roughly the anuran contest tomorrow, and the toad, and Josh's submit yourself to with the pigeons when he was young, the toad jumps out of the cigar box, Silas was holding.)

"Wuh he do dat for pa?" Asked Silas, looking roughly ended the end of the porch.

"He goina insight his way to de race piece we talkin', he a world-weary toad, jes close to me pigeon."


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