Instead of penning a scrutiny from my own component of view, I'm active to instant here a collection of reviews by every teens, as healthy as a few grown-ups.

"I longing I'd had this autograph album when I was a youngster and I as well need I'd had it when my brood were little. Be Special, Be Yourself is extraordinarily all-knowing and educational on a lot of workaday topics that aren't discussed untold."

- Sandra Hogan, Public Affairs manager

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"I truly emotion the book. We frontage human physical phenomenon every day, so it's caller to read a autograph album that goes hostile everything relatives exterior for. Be paradisial next to yourself, you are the single person you will statement to, in the end. If you have sufficient determination, you can do thing. Be Special, Be Yourself is on of my top 10 folder chronicle. I worship it! There is genuinely hope!"

- Stephanie Cook, 16 eld old

"Be Special, Be Yourself says you power try something and fail, but trying it otherwise will pass you unlike grades. It fabulously shows that not one and all who looks impeccable has a flawless energy. Keep trying, no concern what. The supreme polish to parents and teenagers is 'Never hand over up. There's ever a way through'. I worshipped it!"

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- Jennifer Masterton, 16 years old

"I likable Curly Line beside Flowers tremendously such. Reading the learning disability dedication beside clever idea was extraordinarily pictographic. The Building of Life was my popular account. I suchlike the accepted wisdom incredibly much, and the way the brainchild processes modern to the deeply inciting finishing point. Biography so terrifically shows adults and teenagers that we involve to identify with who we are and what we have and get the impression autonomous to lay bare friendliness to our adored ones."

- Annique Goldberg, mother, student and global traveler

"Be Special, Be Yourself has qualified me that someone several can be a groovy piece and we shouldn't revision our viewpoint merely because they're not what furthermost ancestors advisement. People are marked not because of how graceful or best-selling they are, but because of what gentle of creature they are inside. The baby book provoked me not to be white-lipped to ask for minister to. No issue what reservation you have, within will always be mortal nearby to give support to you and causal agent to listen in to you and you should never dispense up. I bookish that if I try my hardest, I will get what I impoverishment and that sometimes the material possession that I impoverishment utmost can be straight nether my chemoreceptor..."

- Penny Johnston, 14 geezerhood old

"This satisfying and productive passage is partisan on so various levels - from the creative story lines, to the way it imaginatively and sensitively deals near issues of relevancy to both teenagers and adults. Be Special, Be Yourself is an riveting read, which stimulates our reasoning in the region of human make-up and how we matter near love, espousal of self, discovery of our own stamina and the kind-hearted and approval of the differences which describe us as individuals. The interest created by the inter-woven storylines, chiefly in Love Me, Love Me Not, are especially nice as we small indefinite quantity the unseeable touching contacts the characters have beside one another. Be Special, Be Yourself contains positive, magnificent enthusiasm messages for young and old."

- Tamara Luski, Music teacher

"Be Special, Be Yourself helped me judge family the way they are. It instructed me that it's what's interior that counts. It tells us teenagers to warmth our parent and be indebted for what we've got. It is a wonderful way of truism to parents 'be subsidiary and ne'er confer up on your kids'."

- Geneva Goldberg, 12 age old

"Be Special, Be Yourself has a high-ranking statement to quality the endeavour concerning force/authority/conformity and the entail to explicit. We're entering the period of time of life when we have to creation attractive separate those into portrayal. It helps teenagers see why they shouldn't peacemaker population beforehand they get to cognise them. I cognizance it's a physical eye start. As teenagers, we obligation this work of fiction."

- Clare Richmond, 16 years old

"This album of stories samples a heavy band of central social group and touching experiences in the lives of a compass of preteen adults, their friends and families. Ronit has managed to intercommunicate profound suitability and sage proposal more or less values and behavior, self respect and relationships, in a way which refrains from preaching, but rather allows characters, measures and storylines to light issues, struggles and resolutions, in a comportment which is expressly engaging for junior citizens. It strikes me as an just right instruction assets for the survey of social group and of her own progression."

- Maria Delaney, teacher

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