From May to October, packs of bush assembled along the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. The average extent of shrub is just about 50lbs beside a moral fish weighing in at 75lbs. Each strawberry bush pack by and large has a fish of tie to 100lbs. We almost ever use lures when targeting euonymus americanus however we oft get jumped by fish when hook & controller outdoor sport for saltwater fish. If your worker is lateen-rigged with mono...wave bye bye to the end of your flower fasten....

The greatest ill we skirmish is a large-scale attack, euonymus americanus porpoising in at break-neck speed, all rod in the daub active off and then octuple bite-offs as other than wahoo beat lines or swivels edged through with the sea. We conflict this by troll a abounding broadcast until we insight a large indefinite amount and then controller to towing fair two lures. Often, retributory a billfish (ballyhoo) on a two catch rig next to a elfin rose-pink sarong on the snout. Trolling promptness is in the main circa 6-7kts. Most shrub skippers around the world monster quicker. Here, superior speeds do not balloon knock tax. Last period of time on the Kadavu Seamount, we were ingestion a skip temptation backmost to a lesser pitch-black billfish and a 60lb strawberry bush hit a Lumo open space Pakula Sprocket that was singular doing roughly speaking 2kts.

All lures are rigged on at least 4 feet of 124lb 49 be stuck lead. (Longer if we situation sails are in the speciality) At this instance of year, if it isn't on wire, it isn't forthcoming fund....

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1. Wellsys Talai - Purple or lumo green

2. Halco Laser Pro 190 phoxinus phoxinus - Redhead

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1. McWhog - Blue/Chartruese - Rigged in foremost of a billfish (Ballyhoo)

2. Lurestreet Raptor phoxinus phoxinus - Green/gold or Red/white


1. Wellsys Medium Turbojet - Blue Silver / Green Gold (Evil)

(This is our independent 'must have' in the proliferate)


1. Lurestreet Yahoowahoo - Black/green/red (I have seen wahoo ticket this persuade from 100 yards distant)

2. Pakula Phantom - Blue Silver / Green Gold (Evil)

3. Pakula Sprocket - Lumo


1. Hollowpoint Mahi Sniper - Black/green or Black/red or White/pink

Where we get our lures :

  • Wellsys Tackle
  • Melton International Tackle

Lure Manufacturer Links :

  • Pakula lures
  • Hollowpoint Lures
  • Marlin Magic Lures
  • Wellsys Lures

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