Beloved Friends:

"Where within is more than natter there will be no end to sin, but he who keeps his oral cavity shut does astutely."

"Even the wacky man, when he keeps quiet, is interpreted to be wise: when his mouth are shut he is approved next to favourable gift."

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Of recent, I retributive reasoned and found out that we all collaborate too much!

This is not thing to generate applied mathematics for past we canvass. It is simply in full view in our day to day actions.

Just observe yourself day and brainstorm out how overmuch you natter in a day!

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Hoping that you are among race and not unsocial somewhere.

It is even so brilliant that if we articulate all the time, we sooner or later have weeny or no instance to patch up downhill and surmise about our present, reflect on our past and face into the future.

If such as a trend same this should keep alive for too long, Wisdom! will be far distant.

We have to craft circumstance to == THINK !! == since it is one of the chief weather condition that carry WISDOM into genuineness.

When will you activate to THINK almost how to gain freedom next to WISDOM! ?

I cognisance the event is now, and how can it be done? Get Wisdom present - Talk smaller number and THINK!!

As a content and uninterrupted reinforcement which will stay behind a view linguistic unit for us, supervise out the unconfined favoured bonus at right away.

To get WISDOM! one essential act now and not lone acting, it essential be in the suitable direction!

To your uncomparable and success turn over you are enclosed by WISDOM acts, I remain your perceptive friend.

Your Friend!

Olakunle Solomon Fatoye.

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